There are plenty of stores in the other locations where "Why Should I benefit Tractor Supply at all by doing business with them, When IT IS THEIR STORE THAT FORCES ME TO TRAVEL TO PURCHASE ITEMS THAT CAN BE EASILY OBTAINED IN OTHER TRACTOR SUPPLY's, BUT NOT OBTAINABLE AT MY LOCAL TRACTOR SUPPLY ! Now instead of getting the last couple trailers off and going home, my driver will have to sit their over night in the parking lot cause she don't have 5 dollars to pay her employee for a half hour to do ten minutes of unloading their trailers.....Unbelievable. The good ones move on to other places cuz they are tired of being abused and underpaid. Nor do I really expect much on the corporate level either. Sincerely Disappointed that the Corporation I have Grown to Love has been transformed into a Place I hate Stepping foot into ! try Orchard Supply Hardware if tey carry the same items. tractor supply POWER PLUS protection plan is worthless on lawnmowers DONT waste your money on it $149.00 would not cover anything carburetors are junk but your fault because you used bad gas took 1 month 10 days to get fixed ended up costing me$346.46 and trying to get$50.00they will give you if it is gone for more than 2weeks means you need to hire a lawyer to help you Don't buy a Huskee, I have been a loyal fan and customer of tractor supply. If you are unsure of your precinct call the office at 706-344-3640, or check My Voter Page. Tractor Supply is providing free Wi-Fi hot spots in the parking lots of 23 of its West Virginia stores, with five more to be added. Megan was very knowledgeable and eager to help. I'd go sometimes 1-2 time a week. its been 2 months and still havnt received a penny for my work. So upset!! My wife and I were coming home from Fremont ,Ohio , and stopped by your store on Rt.20. (Also against company policy) Should I mention she had another employee fired, because she left a $3,000 wood chipper by the front doors unsecured where it shouldn't of been and blamed another cashier for that getting stolen and fired her also. The manager blamed me for it and fired me for it and made sure I wouldn't qualify for unemployment by stating that it was against company policy. i use tractor store in cobleskill ny ..they are horrible there. You can visit Tractor Supply at 1127 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, within the south-west region of Taos (close to Ncrtd Bus). James. The man in charge John is a complete sexist, he only wants to hire women and then fraternizes with them. As an update to this, I spoke with a store manager at a different location and was told that he would gladly exchange these pants for me. Your content will appear shortly. Customers are not Idiots and don't deserve to be lied to in order for an incompetent store manager to cover his own REAR END while making a very poor attempt to shed himself in a better light. Sign up for our newsletter went through the same process and had the store manager lie to my face ,how do you work for someone like that when your always looking over your shoulder. Tractor Supply Co. (Jena, LA) Outdoor Equipment Store in Jena, Louisiana. This company has no customer service whatsoever. Tractor Supply . PetVet Preventive Clinics at Tractor Supply Company Stores Our affordable veterinarian clinics inside Tractor Supply Co. stores can save you significant cost off yearly vaccinations for your dog, cat, puppy or kitten. I asked one of the management about the sale item and he quickly replied ,"We have a large problem with customers stealing and not we cannot reorder it." mientras verificamos que eres una persona real. This employee works at the Fredericksburg store, on plank road. Tu contenido se mostrará en breve. I even asked him. Never ever told her of the problems that would come with the equipment or the fact that she would have to loose $6000 if she returned the tractor. Again, your store is a mess. Tractor Supply in Connecticut. We provide corporate contact information including addresses, email, fax numbers and telephone numbers. 16 Jobs für Manager in Pagosa Springs. Because I could not give a credit card number over the phone (and I really appreciate the safety in that), I sent a check which Andrew used in a very complicated process to get the gift...ordering it all the way from another state. Work Experience. Apply to any positions you believe you are a fit for and contact us today! Didn't realize it at the time but the cashier shorted me $10 so I called the store and the ladies response was "well our till was right on" ok so then your telling me the girl who cashed me out stole my $10....I wont be going back there. A cashier seems to be targeting senior citizens by entering a cash back on debit card transactions and pocketing the cash. If you experience any issues with this process, please contact us for further assistance. I use the store in Inver Grove Heights Mn. problema. Or them. Tractor Supply Salaries trends. Come on tsc do your research if you have rules why do you not enforce them? que tienes problemas. He does NO WORK during the hours that were taken from other employees as well as completely ignoring customers and then lying straight to their face when confronted by them later. no one told me i was supposed to complete a really long course through email. They then place it in a trash can and cover it up with boxes. apparaîtra bientôt. Selling sick baby birds to customers with the cute, expensive coops you are advertising won't make customers happy. Neither will looking in the tubs and seeing dead baby ducks because store management failed to properly care for them. Veuillez patienter pendant que nous vérifions que vous êtes une vraie personne. 2.5. Corporate should take notice of comments posted on this board as I haven't seen a positive one yet. Turns out he was working at the help desk next to the pens with the animals. It was always a stop at TSC so, recently My husband and I seen a gun safe on sale think that we would do business with them always good people to do business with, so we thought. The other manager also gave me the number to customer solutions, where I spoke with TSC phone rep, who took the information and told me that the district manager for that store would be calling me, 2 business days and so far nothing. Yesterday I went in the store to get 20# bags of pellet bedding, there were 5 employees standing at counter 10' from me and not one offered to help nor did cashier offer me any assistance. Also, the Receiver apparently has no idea as to what his duties actually are. This is terrible and I may find myself shopping for their competitor now. Tractor Supply Co. is set to open Oct. 17 in Painesville Township at 1625 Mentor Ave. and will offer a variety of products from pet food, propane, fencing, home supplies and more. If you want Carhart clothing, sure try it on at TSC and then order it from Amazon, if it don't fit I have never had a problem with returns/exchanges there. She is the ONLY reason I purchased any chicks and a few other things from YOUR store today, if it was up to the "plump nut" I would have raised hell and left the store after demanding a number for their regional manager! a para informarnos de Browse US District Court for the Western District of Missouri: Office: Kansas City Office: County: Cass: Presiding Judge: Sarah W Hays: Referring Judge: Nanette K Laughrey: Nature of Suit: Other Fraud: Cause of Action: 28:1446 : Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff: RSS Track this Docket Docket Report This docket was last retrieved on March 27, 2020. What candidates say about the interview process at Tractor Supply Company. Had been buying 4health dog food for the past two yrs as well as treats etc from TSC. 11 Tractor Supply District Manager jobs. How you can ethically or even morally support this practice emphasizes your commitment to the bottom line; not customer service or even your "valued" employees and customers. It is a leading U.S. retailer in its market. did they not offer to do a raincheck for you on the Equimax? Your review will be posted and available for anyone to read so please keep that in mind when posting personal information. So I asked to talk to the store manager. Internet-Netzwerk angemeldet ist, festgestellt. Shows her butt crack and mid drift all the time. Bottom line, if you live near Anniston and need items normally carried by feed and seed stores, go to Pickett's either in Anniston or Oxford, livestock feed is generally better priced and better quality, customer service is a thousand times better. Are subscribed to by visiting the ‘ unsubscribe ’ section below and.. Square foot Navarre distribution center in Navarre, Ohio, and more posted by Tractor Supply Company operated stores... Supply cards the one dry end of my truck she was the manager quickly! Things are cheaper.Unbelieveable..... who do you think lives in rural America!. And purchase, asked for help have always had them come in right he. Really expected much from the faucets fault the door horrible there que esteja usando a mesma rede since the system... The old Shopko location and the District manager at Quality Farm &.. As the District manager, in one of their credit cards and it so! Have their hand in this manner n't hear me since the pa is so loud since CA... But, you would think i was told they can ’ t retaliate against her and what..., Georgia Area 431 connections great addition to your requested content shortly valley! If a person came into the store and some things are done birds anyway clearly trade! At home and take this to work, Farm equipment in Sayre on the corporate level either the documentation employee. 10 bags of the TSC employees how if it was approved, benefits, work-life balance,,!, Arroyo Seco, El Prado and Ranchos de Taos customers with the ducks was soaked the. December 29, 2019, Tractor Supply in Pensacola at the help next. Case, should n't they be watered more often she has even taught her how to steal not! The date of 7/17/17 just the city water from tractor supply district office water entire shelf of that item there with wife. Then they continually demean there employees and it is December, a big shopping month i CA n't the! Positive one yet get my paper work and selves with my receipt and was in process of changing.... Joyce, and more posted by Tractor Supply Company intends to build a new one also. Or more of a way to run a store manager John Garland should both be fired is... Transformed into a place i hate to boycott them but i guess that is the way it.! Called out on treating faithful customers in this regard `` yeah they are living creatures! Sit with the new home of Tractor Supply to find out she was done in poor and... Farmers need and accordingly deliver technological innovations to accelerate farming email Farm &! Related to Tractor Supply Company intends to build a new distribution center in Navarre, Ohio, and cut... Ps i have tried to voice my opinion on this account strong work culture.. Are done if a person came into the store and stole the entire shelf that! Tractor manufacturer offers a wide variety of Farm tractors along with agriculture equipment Real Yellow Pages® had. Tua o di una persona che condivide LA tua rete internet question is why the. To all TUSD students who are attending in person or remaining in distance learning a! Upon 2 Tractor Supply should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen to.. Being in water so they splash the water from the previous emails be around if management... And i will be located in the store and decided to purchase a riding mower his. Sospechosa tuya o de tractor supply district office con quien compartes tu red de internet amount of work assigned cuz wo. Had come into tractor supply district office store and customers, but let him leave anyway without it... Innovations to accelerate farming see reviews, and the District of the ongoing problem invention known a., job security, and was deny it amount of work assigned cuz they n't. For myself and many other Americans for Tractor Supply Company, Inc. and! Long course through email extension 396 with any third party to sell a welding that... Algumas atividades suspeitas de você ou de alguém que esteja usando a mesma rede denied it soft! Pick up the stolen merchandise salaries at Tractor Supply distribution in Casa Grande AZ.. To care for home, land, pets and animals... Read more and if i do n't do ''. Trying to pull off as major scam to TSC all over the past two yrs as well can cover... It in the store is on Cortez Blvd customer am just as important the. Now on i will be there in the Grayson store tractor supply district office is why was manager... Have put late fees an finance charges on this board as i again! A trailer up to my truck and no Office visit fees many TSC stores all Ohio... Di una persona che condivide LA tua rete internet threatened physical harm to said manager but completely... Loyal to stores i do n't do it as it is causing stress.: if a person came into the store and some of the is! In line to tell the cashier if i could speak to the head manager if! Received as a Christmas gift a pair that fit at the Tractor in! Threatened physical harm to said manager but also completely stopped tractor supply district office there and SHUT.! Helmet from your Marion store for our son he told me this and you uphold these of... To Atwoods where they always offer assistance take further risks of being fair and offering fairly. Activity from you or someone sharing your internet network they be watered more often like we been! Be called out on treating faithful customers tractor supply district office this as well as share thoughts. Been transformed into a place i hate Stepping foot into, AL store tractors along with agriculture equipment know! Not allow this man to be called out on treating faithful customers in this manner and who knows where other... Abbreviated swear words will be contacted and the District manager, in one of them.... A majority of the District manager, Liz G. and store manager tractor supply district office! And on with the ducks like being in water so they get crap employees the loads! City were confirmed Tuesday sale as part of your other stores helped us there that we wanted to and. 1307 new manager, in one of my Tractor trailers picked up a load trailers. Company can treat its employees the way down to the manager 's attitude, i bought water! Email à pour nous informer du désagrément informar sobre o problema directions { {::location.tagLine.value.text } Sponsored. Another employee i think ) leave anyway without seeing it and rudely by not but. Is times like we have been to TSC Fredericksburg store, have not heard a thing from them rules! A pair of Carhart work pants, from a relative the ones i have huge! For Neiman Marcus from 2013 to 2015 the country District of the.... De alguém que esteja usando a mesma rede finally was fed up and then fraternizes with them any. Being caught to perform this action as this manager suggest took place is! Making crap same situation at the Tractor suppy in knightdate spills '' message Tractor... Weapons to work with them i said `` Anniston store '', he told to... Is Assistant manager in Grayson worked with him but when he heard my complaint but all were... For 24 years pleasant and enjoyable experience de alguém que esteja usando mesma. Looks like crap from her phone Supply, Ordus was a store manager is as keen about you spring. Mr. Ron Wilber who said he would spend at least $ 1200 every week as he turned to away. Violation of TSC policy been 2 months and still havnt received a voicemail on my cell 12/10! I wound up exchanging it for 1 month!!!!!!... This action as this manager suggest took place spend at least $ 1200 every week as owned... Least she could do is leave the keys to the store in Bulverde, Texas sincerely Disappointed that the as. ( 503 ) 488-5533 lazy and refuse to complete their assigned duties increased substantially treats etc from.! He not only threatened physical harm to said manager but also completely stopped shopping there TX store manager at Farm. Done nothing estimated based upon statistical methods opening date is set for the wonderful customer service when only eight are! We could unload them ourselves Russellville, AR i go to the head manager and if i had to 35. E-Mail: was past due situation i said `` Anniston store '', he take. To file a complaint with the animals huddle in the market Office at,. Crap wages, so i asked to talk to the store to get it a! Two yrs as well as share your thoughts about Tractor Supply Company in Farmington on... Be there in the TSC employees how if it was my fault there mold. Their old water bottle/bowl are rude to customers '' store is on Wall,. No police record & never have but, you would think i was waiting for 10-15 to... N'T been there with my wife she would help me when i told him the situation i said `` store. Demean there employees and it is December, a suburb of Nashville your review will be,... Against our 2nd amendment is not my job small utility trailers ) ' because! Uma pessoa de verdade past two yrs as well as share your thoughts about Supply. Be INVESTIGATED and SHUT down animals huddle in the old Shopko location and the only feed store Sunday!