As she is not injured now, and wasn't wearing bandages even the day before, it appears that she just didn't bother to wash it. These are referred to by Ritsuko Akagi as being "spare parts" for the Dummy Plug system. In the next scene, Rei is shown crying and not even understanding why she is crying. A new Rei Ayanami("Rei Q") appears in the Mark.09 and rescues him, bringing him to his father, Gendo. The game spans approximately one year, and includes the events of the entire anime series, as well as the movie The End of Evangelion. This incarnation appears capable of Angelic abilities including an A.T. Field (all but stated aloud in Episode 24) and rapid regeneration. Rei Ayanami in school uniform of Neon Genesis Evangelionview Kula Diamond's Cosplay Lab profile Category: Anime Completed: 100% Cost: $ Real~120 Hours to Make: 200 + First worn at: Animecon 2001 Inspiration: My first costume, I chose Rei ‘cuz I love Evangelion and Rei is the Eva’s symbol and my favorite character (toge She then turns and approaches Lilith, stating "I'm home" (to which Lilith responds "Welcome home"). This is seen in Episode 12.It is not clear whether this is by choice, or through quirk of her physiology. It is not clear if Rei's accident in which Eva-00 went berserk, which chronologically seems to happen right before this episode (and is seen in flashbacks in. Gendo might have just been swept up in the moment; he cares a great deal about Rei because of her connection to Yui, and might just not want to see any harm come to her even if she can be resurrected. . "Reigouki", however, wouldn't be an entirely inaccurate alternate rendering of it's name. Rei Ayanami (綾波 レイ) Age: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Height: 4' 11" / 149 cm Sex: Female Guardian: Gendo Ikari Ayanami Rei is the "First Children" of the Marduk Report and the pilot of EVA-00. Her connections to Shinji, Unit-01, and Commander Ikari are deeper and darker than they seem. Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelionview CelesMaxwell's Cosplay Lab profile Category: Completed: 100% Cost: $ US 40 Hours to Make: 2 First worn at: Otakon 2002 Inspiration: We needed a Rei for our group, and THIS is what we did. 綾波レイ 14 Megumi Hayashibara: The First Child and Pilot of Evangelion Unit-00. Rei features as a character in all officially licensed Eva manga: Evangelion Academy, Angelic Days, and Shinji Ikari Raising Project. For a discussion over whether Rei 1's soul is present in Eva-00: For information regarding Rei's repeated association with the Moon: For information regarding Rei's psychology and for a examination of her character throughout the TV series and manga: For an interpretation of Rei's monologue or poem: For an interpretation of the relationship between Gendo and Rei: Rei’s blue hair and red eyes are the inverse of, According to Misato it took seven months for Rei to synchronize with Eva-00. For information regarding Rei's psychology and for an examination of her character throughout manga: Most notorious is Rei's appearance in the Girlfriend of Steel 2 manga. The two meet when she's brought out to pilot Unit 01 when Shinji refuses, despite being in critical condition. This Rei is shown to have a strong attachment to Gendo Ikari, and a building attachment to Shinji Ikari. Gendo reveals that the promised time has come. It should be kept in mind that this scene is the first time they actually spoke to each other. She is the designated pilot for Evangelion prototype Unit-00. Her disobedience starts when she refuses to take down Unit 03 after being affected by Bardiel, knowing that Shinji's friend Toji is trapped in the entry plug, even getting herself hurt in the process. Rei's character continues to develop in Evangelion 2.0, with Rei even asking Gendo for permission to hold a dinner for her fellow pilots, and putting a very determined effort at cooking for the party. Starting in Episode 11, with overgrowing suspicion of Gendo, she shuts down Asuka's claim on being treated better then everyone else. [6] Angelic Rei begins collecting the souls of humanity into the Doors of Guf, their deaths signified by apparitions of Rei, followed by apparitions of those who they love the most.