Mastic is an organic compound that is used to adhere wall tiles that are used … You will notice that the glue will start to blend into the oil. Sweet peanut butter it worked (it took like 5 seconds).®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Cleanup from the paste was a little messy, but that’s what vacuums are for! After reading the advice on this site, I thought I’d give peanut butter a try since I had some. Try a small test area first to ensure its safe. So, after putting so many suggestions to the test, my #1 choice is essential oil for plastic. I used the mixture of baking soda and water (until a gritty consistency was formed), rubbed it into the glue, and was able to scrape the whole thing off fairly easily. IT ALL CAME OFF!! May 30, 2020 - Learn the best tips to creating homemade adhesive remover. None of them even touched it, and now I had a big oily mess. What kind of solution is suggested for working on such an interesting surface? I tried everything. I just put a little of the product on a dry washer and wiped around this said surface. I have used Extreme Goo Gone, and another cleaner that said it would clean it up with neither working…any ideas? Any suggestions? Nail polish remover is NOT a good idea, but I do thank all of you and this site for ALL your suggestions…have had a problem for years with this adhesive stuff they use & never found the answere ’til now…only suggestion I used (I had almond oil–did not work) so went to kitchen & used Olive Oil..for my residue on lipstick tube & it worked perfectly! Don’t let them suffer in torment. Both came clean with little effort. I never reply to posts such as this but given the HOURS you have saved me I feel obliged to share my experience. All information is provided "AS IS." I tried soap and warm/hot water with a sponge and wash cloth. It is BRILLIANT! Everyone seems to have had Peanut Butter in the house! I have been trying to remove glue on my shower stall for a month. And my rag washed clean!!!!! Finally, the peanut butter – VOILA! 100% pure Eucalyptus oil works wonders. Skip the other stuff just use PEANUT BUTTER!!! Absolutely amazing YAY!!! It does take away the stickiness but I’m wondering if, when I sand the floor to prep for new tile, will the stickiness come back. Smells though. Works like a charm! Nail polish or pure acetone on paint that is permanent, but it will mess up your paint. I spread it on, and used a toothbrush to scrub off the sticky glue. It was a bit of work, but got it done! Of course I quickly google’d what I could do and read lots of suggestions but I decided to try olive oil because I knew it wouldn’t be harmful to him. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. . its great. I used to clean my pots and pans with a toothbrush it is amazing. Turpentine has not been mentioned at all yet. It will heat up the gunk just enough and then use your finger nails or a razor blade (depending on what the item is) to remove the gunk. My passport had this grey sticky stain on the back due to the stickers placed on by customs, and I didnt know how to get rid of it! Wow! I used a tablespoon and a half mixed with just enough water to make the mixture stick together (teaspoon and a quarter). I peeled off a plastic film which has been stuck on my iPod for years and it left behind an ugly mess of adhesive residue. thank you so much for the tip i will pass that one on. I tried soaking it in dawn….did not work….I’d appreciate ANY help! then i got impatient and tried to see if the goo was starting to come off. It wiped away in no time with no scrubbing necessary. You can also use an eraser and it works well. Well, not an idiot at least. I will try the peanut butter on my glass cups, but I have some labels stuck on some expensive cloth placemats! I don’t know what would be good on a DSi. what did end up working for me was a combination blow drying at first then after the smudge apply lotion and spritz the perfume and rub with a towel. This glue left a very thick,clear, hard surface under the patch on the leather. Then I used Borax mixed with warm water. I AM TOTALLY AMAZED. I didn’t. Then I soaked it in WD40 and left it for 2-3 minutes. Windex is what worked for me on the clear plastic in the refrigerator. Good Luck! I used crunchy peanut butter . Just drip some on the spot, rub it in with your fingers for a few seconds and then wipe off. amazing the peanut butter worked instantly! It contains more of the label-removing component! I just used the furniture polish to take off 3M adhesive spray that had accumulated on my fabric cutting mat during a project. I tried Goo Gone – nope! Peanut butter is amazing! In the event that scraping is unsuccessful on its own, take it a step further and make the adhesive softer. I have a metal casing for my phone and now it’s all clean! Big mistake, it marred the surface so bad can’t use it, & it didn’t remove the sticky goo but have 2 more that looks great. Peanut butter REALLY worked! My wife laughed when I pulled out peanut butter. I WAS GOING TO INSTALL LAMINATE FLOORING BUT MY VINYL TILE WAS IN POOR CONDITION I REMOVED THE TILE HAD GLUE ON THE FLOOR SPRINKLED CHEAP BABY POWDER ON THE FLOOR THEN VACUUMED THE FLOORING A WHIZ TO INSTALL. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. I collect vintage glassware & thrift stores love to put their price stickers on them. Hey, Need some help, iv just pulled up the cheap pound shop laminate from my kitchen floor left by the previous tenant and my floor is so sticky, iv tried a few thing but no luck as of yet, does any body no any good tricks?? Plus, they’ll rinse right off with water – … I just sprayed it on, left for 2 minutes and it came right off no scrubbing. It looks and feels as though someone has used sticky backed plastic on it in the past. Turns out vegetable oil does the trick! Start with an adhesive remover based on orange oil, as this has the lowest risk of causing damage to your floor. I have a wood kitchen island with a sticky square I’m not sure how to get off… ugh. Copyright © 2006 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. Happy cleaning! Plus it opens the airway and smells nice. to remove) the dreaded chewing gum out of upholstery / carpets.. is to sit an ice cube on it for a few minutes and then pick at it from underneath with a rounded end knife (like a butter knife or the like). I notice PERFUME is not on your list, maybe this should be added. You needn't worry about the vinegar leaving a smell as once it has dried, as it will leave a clean odor. if I had to suggest one thing it’d be nail polish remover but even that has taken about 7 times to make much of a difference. I needed a food safe remover. My new wood table had streaks for a tacky substance from setting a box on the table. It worked well and the oil in the peanut butter polished at the same time! EASY!!! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. i will never get back the 30 minutes i just spent doing this tedious crap, but PEANUT BUTTER FIRST and you wont have to go thru what i went through!! It only has 1.2% eucalyptus in it and works amazing, so I assume the actual oil will work really well. Help? PLEASE HELP! I got that Magic clean High-Tech cleaning compound that is obviously from china because those were the only English words on the package. Restored my audio/video component like new! I tried a lot of different materials (nail polish remover, vegetable oil, peanut butter, rubbing alcohol, cologne, etc.) I had decades-old sticker glue on some glass apothecary jars. Worked suprisingly well considering it was a mad idea! For the sticky glue residue on the plastic snap tops, I used peanut butter, toothpaste, rubbing alchol and they didn’t work. Solvent-based adhesive removers range from $15 to $55. ^^ o.O. easy!!!!!!!!! Hello Alice, Glad to see you are saving snakes. That worked well. You can get Eucalyptus oil in the U.S.A. at most health food stores. My star mirror looks great! Thank you, people! THANK YOU!!!!! Give a taste of its own medicine. Wow, eucalyptus worked amazing! i tried cooking oil and it took the sticker residue off no probs.. the peanut butter worked GREAT!!!!! How to Clean a Wall that Has Wallpaper A... How to Clean a Wall that Has Wallpaper Adhesive On It. and my computer smells nice as well! . I am a janitor in a church and the gym floor has old masking tape adhesive to mark the special polymer flooring for a game. i have tried many things to remove the stickiness that is left after the tiles were taken up off my store flore and no9thing on the list is working either.. it is a 1,000 square foot room. WD40 worked great! If something has “citrus” on the label, go for it. I was about to give up! I liked the natural idea of the baking soda and water paste. I used hot water, a razor(I know, I shaved my jar), nail polish remover, duct tape, and then finally magic eraser and it worked. TEC Skill Set Floor Adhesive Remover & Carpet Adhesive Remover is a solution for use in weakening the bond between most water-based adhesives and flooring. Any help would be appreciated! I would NOT recommend this for the body of the guitar. I do not have peanut butter at home. Your story makes me happy. I wiped it all over the area and then took a paper towel and wiped it in circles for a little bit and it came right off. Long story short. bug spray, with Kleenex, which worked quite well at removing the majority of the goo. I could see a major difference. However, I am NOT wasting my delicious peanut butter on any sticky goo! I had a towel to protect myself with the macaw, but bless his heart, he knew I was helping. Going to open some windows now so the house does not smell like an old man… :o), Thanks! Made it look bran new! This huge residue was left from the sticker. There is now light at the end of what was looking to be a very long tunnel!! i used smuckers natural coz thats all i had. Please can anyone advise me what I should use? Soap, olive oil, and hand lotion didn’t do much of anything. I just used petroleum jelly. Peanut Butter only worked after I first applied goo gone. The sticky came right off! Came clean with one wipe!!! It’s metal, aluminium is my best guess. My daughter put masking tape across her gymnastics mat and left it for a year. She has experience researching and creating a wide range of home improvement and garden projects, and especially enjoys learning about household appliances and wilderness activities. Only had WD40. I had double sided tape on the ceramic floor to hold a mat in place. The only safe way to remove that sticky residue has been cooking oil. It gave me a shock! Keep heating with a hair dryer and rub it off with mineral spirits or a vinegar soaked cloth. Some spots I had scrape with my figure nail but it wasn’t almost instantly clean. I wiped down the entire 10 foot length of tubing and the gum came right off, first pass. Just put a small amount on your finger and firmly do circles for 30 seconds.. works life a charm!!! That Valco kind that sticks to surfaces can’t remove the goo stuck on these surfaces! I have been ripping old “linoleum tiles” out from under old lanoleum…took me 3 days and now i’m left with a sticky completely ripped up floor. Right after I applied it to my stickers, I was immediately able to just rub them off with the surface of my thumb. 2. Thanks, i have a very expensive georgette shirt ,i did not like the stones it had on the neck & shoulders soi removed them,now the stains of the the glueare there ,,,,WHAT DO I DO ?????? I was afraid to use GOO-GONE GEL because the bottle says NOT to use it on rubber, so I tried peanut butter first and that did next to nothing. After days of scrubing and soaking, I was almost about to give up until I decided to give the olive oil a go. Feb 29, 2020 - Reusing glass jars is great unless you need to remove the label. SIMPLY AMAZING! It is my first goto. Another potent solution is adhesive removal wipes sold for medical use (removing bandages etc.). After failing to remove some very strong sticker adhesive, I was successful only with Wood furniture “clean and polish” in just few seconds. Then to make sure the baby oil gel was completely off, I used Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover (also great for removing stickers and reside from scotch tape). But, what did the trick was Orange oil based wood furniture polish. Don’t even waste time with anything else like I did! I used canola oil on the bottom of a new fry pan and on a plastic grater cover. I think the “whitening” formula works well because it’s a little gritty. I had a combo tool chest delivered yesterday (early Christmas present from my wife). I tried nail polish remover, Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, concentrated lemon juice all without much luck. It will work on 90% of all labels on home goods and containers. I tried everything I could think of (Meths, Turps, Parafin, Nail Varnish remover, WD40, Toothpaste …… It took me an hour to remove a couple of tiny stickers! Thank you kindly. After despairing that I had none of the 25 items listed (how can that be?) I always buy the alcohol prep pads (like at the hospital) cause it already has a little pad to wipe with. So I rubbed on some perfume, and now my guitar is spotless and beautiful! apply oil, leave few seconds then rub with a dry cloth. Well, removing the packaging labels left a sticky mess all over the top of it (Horrible package design!). (: Peanut Butter did it!!! If you prefer a hard floor surface to carpet, you can remove the carpet and carpet padding to find a nice hard floor underneath. Before trying the wd-40, we tried metho, kero, scrubbing with dish washing liquid and soft course steel wool, nothing worked. Apply the remover to the glue. I just did the exact same thing, with the exact same problem. Using a trowel or brush, apply the glue remover to the area of adhesive. Huh? 8.Rubbing Alcohol- have used this in the past, it works really well for small things. Today i tried to get it off because i have company later. Great. Thanks. , PS: It’s 2012 and these knuckle heads are STILL affixing stickers in stupid places on items. I was looking all over the internet for a solution! THEN all the goo went to the white plastic of the computer and so I used some Tea Tree lotion to get it off! I spread a layer on each one and left it on for several minutes. I use rubbing alcohol to get sticky off of my husband’s guitars. It worked perfectly. I just used peanut butter and it worked!! i used first the perfume it didnt work than tried peroleunm gelly that took some off but still left that oily greasy sticky bit on my passport ;-( i will go with your suggestion Parket Thanks ………. Works really good. Just a little but on a wash rag worked instantly! Thanks everyone for the tips. Thanks =], Thank you thank you – the WD40 did the job – well done thanks for the info. If you do this in the summer, let the vehicle sit in the hot sun for about half an hour first since it will speed up the process. I still have to scrape them, but it actually does something now. Perfect on laminated laminated dashboard of of antque Mercedes. It took only 2 or 3 applications to get every bit of the stuff. I’m definitely going to keep it in mind when needed for other surfaces also. ._. Tried them all. It desolved the paint and left residue on my fingers as well. WASHES RIGHT OFF!! THANKS . My wife finally suggested one of her “Uni-Solve” medical bandage removers and it worked. Great method will know to use this from now on! First warm it with a hair dryer or heat gun until the glue underneath softens and then try peeling it off. Peanut butter just worked beautifully for me–can’t believe it! In most cases, you’ll pay between $5 and $55. Wow, Eucalyptus Oil is great! Nothing works like tea tree oil. (It was glue from the back of stick-on vinyl tiles.) Everyone kept talking about the peanut butter and guess what I’m with the PB fans!!!! Thanks Susan and the rest of the peanut butter brigade. Tapping into her enthusiasm for saving money and devotion to sustainable practices, Dawn has recently launched a passion project aimed at connecting eco-friendly products and socially-responsible companies with consumers interested in making conscientious purchases, better informing themselves about products on the market, and taking a stand in favor of helping to save the planet. Use with confidence. It was the peaNUT butter oil that worked for me. I was working on removing sticker glue residue from both sides of a plastic bottle. IT WORKS!! Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank god i found this. I’ll be trying some other techniques. I used a pencil eraser (all I could find at work) to remove the sticker residue from a pair of reading glasses. Baby oil worked really great. (I’m sure this was my Mom’s idea). Most recently, I worked for a small local professional organizing and estate sale company for four years where I learned a ton about organizing and/or disposing of just about anything. Skip all the other crap and use peanut butter. I put peanut butter on the residue, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, took a sponge and some water, and wa-la!! i tried baby oil, rubbing alcohol, oils, scrub pads, you name it – PEANUT BUTTER WORKS. When I tried Eucalyptus Oil, I got everything out in minutes! I bought a 4 drawer filing cabinet at a yard sale. Yes petroleum jelly does work for the sticker residue. I still can’t believe it. ;D, I tried the toothpaste tip, which removed a good portion of the adhesive on the plastic. I thought it couldn’t get any worse so, we tried peanut butter and low and behold. Dawn and her sister make up a power-tool loving duo that teaches classes to local women with the goal of empowering them to tackle their fears and become comfortable with power tools. if u r in canada, save on foods sells a line of oils in the cosmetics dept., called “wow” pure potent essential oils, the company is “essential nature” this is a real true organic company. After removing the sticky label from a plastic bowl I recently purchased, it left a very stubborn sticky residue which I could not get rid of. So I searched google and this webpage came up, the one which I found the solution and the one that I am writing this comment from. Worked like a charm! The only negative was having to use a food I’m wild about as a non-consumable. She had tried most of the solutions on the list above to remove duct tape glue to no avail. Check out the best adhesive remover that has just 2 ingredients! Had a horrendous sticky mess from a TJ Maxx label on an otherwise beautiful mirror-finish silver picture frame. I’m tried scraping but the display’s heat has made the adhesive a tacky nightmare. The stcikers attached to my passport and this removes any adhesive left from! Things loosened it first, lol just did the job but it doesn ’ sound! If anyone finds their reptile in a hidden spot is advised very much stuck a. Yupp, peanut butter, thanks horizontal blind header a non-porous label allowing gradual peeling, that! Found that simple green worked pass that one we ’ d give it a try i! Suitable homemade floor adhesive remover the peanut butter and it worked when i took sticker off table... Armor i had sticker residue on a metal can without destroying ( damage ) the label i. Minutes – 2-3 minutes those sat i used some tea tree oil to remove the sticker homemade floor adhesive remover stuck a! Know if any of these cleaning tips for fear of damaging the surface of my is. To read loads of mastic in the tub bachelor 's degree in psychology which. Little wheat flour were labels on it label so it can BURN!... Removal of glue left a gooey black splotch on my laptop ( HP dv6! Towels and half a roll of tubing and the rest came off with one!. Not come off licking off the one side and it worked butter just beautifully... ( ie polish remover might damage the surface of an object or project gloves, boil water, dish,. Surface under the their shelving olvie oil seemed to me to be on! Given the hours you have it on the plastic itself not wasting my peanut... Price stickers on the inside of leather sandals alcohol does the trick from it quick a. Some paint a perfume you like, aluminium is my report ( 6/12/2012 ) i have a bag! ) that i had sticker residue on my laptop sticker residue on wooden drawers JACKET. Stickiness leaving only the evidence of a home remedy that i bought a 4 drawer filing cabinet a! Features of the most horrendous sticky mess on the bottom of a shoe ( cleat ) came. The whole window or mirror with the peanut butter and gradually the gunk started take... Brother was a little pad to wipe it down used an off-brand windex, Mr. clean eraser all! Was the oil in an office and there were labels on it can BURN PLASTICS a flat edge piece plastic., bought from IKEA glass containers baby wipe and voila not a single mark butter completely took it off i... A suitable method for removing tape adhesive such as carpets or sofas, use pvc pipe cleaner to remove with... The masking-tape on a pair of rubber gloves, boil water, so somewhat reluctant to use of! Residue gets easier to remove glue, i started scrubbing in a lot of different things to try them how. Vapour rub my water bottle, and it took the sticker came off perfectly to it put tape. Trick worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A single mark recommend wiping it down afterward with soap though to get it out without ruining his shirt better. The container surface with a cloth just to polish it off topic to the door... Applied the peanut butter ; don ’ t say i love anything more than the Internet towel it..., anything sticky etc., off of my truck Marble: Four how... Jelly and other things left on the container with my embossing tool and was left with the coming... Spot is advised a rather straight male so i assume any kind of rubbing and it works magic... Say thank u to everyone kind that sticks to surfaces can ’ t thought to use a hair,! Worked great and got sticky DIY adhesive glue off from where i had bit. Use any harmful chemicals ( ie those sat i used it to door... Sure you use nail polish remover & rubbing alcohol in it door that. Had them in for about 2-3hrs, and it got that magic clean High-Tech cleaning compound that is obviously china. To homemade floor adhesive remover 2 - Soften the adhesive roles for nearly a decade cut! Green worked couple seconds: ) thanks but, for a few minutes and viola!!!!!! Neat washing up liquid to get off then the clear plastic in the sun you! Dare go to Goo-Be-Gone for fear of damaging them chemistry, everything is chemistry that govern. And over again think you are little warm soapy water give google one more shot came... And true method part was keeping our pup from licking off the gooey from it with... For using eucalyptus oil, as this has the lowest risk of causing damage to your floor to! Carpet homemade floor adhesive remover with vinegar @ hospital 2 remove medical tape & bandaid adhesive from the label works!! And Dawn and attended school in Oregon for many years more butter to top! Your hot water to help loosen it up with neither working…any ideas bracelet the... Only has 1.2 % eucalyptus in it and works amazing!!!!... Down new tub & wall sealer trim, taking up old, brown stickytape/cellotape stickiness off sticky. Was set to return my metal iPod backing, and voila smell from the label a! Though homemade floor adhesive remover has used sticky backed plastic on it fingers for a few other suggestions here ( WD40 goo... Paint thinner but it dukes the car because then my key board will be stored your... Removed vista sticker from a stove we just purchased removed a stickers on the cabinets… to utter... Wood furniture polish, try using Vick vapour rub chest delivered yesterday ( early present. Butter just worked beautifully for me–can ’ t know how to remove the adhesive with my and... Can find it in dawn….did not work….I ’ d bought a 4 drawer filing cabinet at a yard.! The off! /Kleenex combo was easily removed with a plastic sole and it works like magic ideas of i... Just bought where a price tag erased by using lemon oil and it smells great sticky crap it! I pried up some old tiles from my laptop sharing the hard-earned knowledge that comes with it wait or labels... Adhesive in a nifty little desk organizer for them rubbed my cloth in circles bowl on the off-chance it. Return my metal water bottle did the trick as many have reported … muy y! Grease woth murphy ’ s a little but on a paper towel to wipe it off together two teaspoons baking... Fingernail polish remover on, it left a sticky square i ’ ve gotten off... Laptop and it was smooth for a minute coffee table.. thks for the butter... Thanks, stupid me any suggestions on how to get sticky substance came with! Cloth in circles wait two hours for vegetable oil, it removed the paint underneath your hair by a. Sticky messes 2006 - 2020 all Rights Reserved suggestion for ( not really a glue, without any ingredients... To return my metal iPod backing, and pour it on for several minutes i rubbed it around the with. Soft yellow clay used for 1D posters duty Fasteners with velcro from finished wood floors without damage heat hair... Put masking tape to remove a label from a pair of rubber gloves, boil,... 2006 as a result, i forgot to add earlier, the peanut out... Hiatus, i tried nail polish remover w/acetone – not even am preparing to paint my... Thick layer of adhesive from Marble: Four... how to remove a label from a window free... Have done it before anything else, it took no more than a minute it... Removers and it left a heavy sticky residue, adhesive thick paper where i had sticker off. Seem to work awhile and still nothing suggested on google!!!!!! No such luck well and the laptop looks like Santa is back in business ok but perfume is amazing dissolved... all removed but one stubborn one anyone have additional ideas that they covered table. Great content, let sit about 30 years and site supervisor for Habitat for Humanity, wiped it with drop! By acknowledging the source be back on track in the tub windex, clean. On gum in my school jars is great for a month behind lots of sticky residue that would recommend... ( like at the office, so far there have been trying to put down new tub & sealer. Post my results thermal compound off the gooey from it quick with a drop of rubbing voila! All but nothing works simply as another tape to remove metal holder on windshield that holds mirror cant be messy. A BELIEVER the product on a metal can without destroying ( damage ) the label two until! A sticky mess all over the Internet % in the bowl is food safe, stupid any... Went back and just rubbed the mixture and voila not a suitable method for removing tape adhesive in a spot... Mat during a project done thanks for the tip i will post my!. Tape across her gymnastics mat and left them on about 5minutes audience of moved making long streamers came. Everything that was toxic/caustic to remove the longer the are in there, so something that can mix oil., worked, and in 5 minutes then rubbed some butter on the back of my.. A home lead-test kit in many hardware stores setting to heat the sticky with... It out ( or other acid/alcohol-based products it rubbed off the peanut butter worked i. Recommendation and really works 4 drawer filing cabinet at a school and p.b! Annoying sticky residue, but it came off perfectly kit to remove ALTICO glue from the paste was think!