Quick and easy to follow instruction on how to reset the MAINTENANCE REQUIRED REMINDER INDICATOR on TOYOTA RAV4 (XA10, XA20, XA30, XA40, XA50, Adventure . Download the FREE Oil Reset Pro app on your smartphone or tablet today! hybrid, LE, Limited, Platinum, SE, XLE) from year 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020. If you’re like most Toyota owners, your heart sinks a little because you have little idea about what that light is trying to tell you or how you should react. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine). Once serviced, you can reset the light using these steps. Or reset check engine light, airbag light, inspection key … If you have performed the oil change yourself, Toyota of North Miami has simple steps to follow in order to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota RAV4. Toyota RAV4: Reset Tire Pressure System. While holding down the trip meter reset knob turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine) Video Reset Change Engine Oil Light on 2002-2007 Buick Rendezvous. Reset VSC warning light indicator Toyota Rav4, second generation XA20 and third generation XA30.From year: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. Insert the key into the ignition. Service oil reset Toyota Rav4. Ensure odometer reading is shown. 2005-2008 Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine). How To Reset Toyota RAV 4 Maint Req'd Light in seconds! Automotive News. Turn ignition off. Step 2. ... Video Reset Wrench Service Due Message on 1998-2005 Mercedes ML320. Press and hold the arrow button on the right side of the steering wheel. How to diagnose electrical issue with AC compressor. Reset service light indicator, engine oil life Toyota RAV4, oil reset instructions: How do you reset maintenance light, reset service light indicator Toyota RAV4, year 2013, 2014, 2015. Step 1. If you see the maintenance light illuminated on the dashboard of your Toyota RAV4, you’ll want to bring your vehicle to our service center.Learn how to reset the maintenance light on your RAV4 here at Toyota of Downtown LA. You take the service of a Toyota dealership for the oil change, they will reset maintenance light Toyota for yourself. The “Maintenance Required” oil light will illuminate every 5,000 miles to remind you that you need to change the oil in your Toyota RAV4. However, if the light on the dashboard for your new Toyota RAV4 is on, it’s recommended to bring it to the Toyota of North Miami service center. For reset maintenance light and that can be made manually by use button on car dashboard. Contents. Check Engine Light Service Toyota RAV4 What do you do when you’re driving along in your Toyota RAV4 and suddenly, a yellow light illuminates on your dash and says "Check Engine". Step 3. Toyota RAV4: How to Reset “Maintenance Required” Oil Light. If you haven’t serviced your Toyota RAV4 in some time, you may notice your model’s maintenance light is on. Video. How to Reset Maintenance Light Toyota. News. But, using a third-party oil change service may not come with the same privilege. You can reset or initialize the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on the Toyota RAV4. That it is the full procedure how to reset oil service light Toyota Rav4. All information how to reset oil service light is taken from Toyota Rav4 owners manual. Doing so registers the current tire pressure as a normal measurement for the system. When a technician performs maintenance such as changing the oil, he'll reset the maintenance lights. If you service the car yourself, reset the indicator on the control panel. If you like to reset any maintenance oil light after an oil change. Here’s how it’s done. MAINTENANCE RESET: TOYOTA RAV4. The on-board computer of the RAV4 displays the maintenance required indicator when it detects that the amount of miles driven since the last maintenance has reached the point when maintenance should again be performed. Turn the ignition to position 1.